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A DiabloSport Modified PCM allows you to unlock the performance potential of your 2015 and newer Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle. This Performance Kit includes a DiabloSport Modified PCM for your vehicle as well as an inTune i2 Part Number i2010 handheld programmer.

Product Description

  • Add Horsepower, Torque, and Fuel Economy to your 2015+ Chrysler Vehicle!
  • Factory Modified PCM that allows a 15+ Chrysler vehicle to be tuned
  • Installation is simple and only takes about 10 minutes
  • Swap with your factory installed PCM so you always have a back up computer
  • Includes a DiabloSport inTune i2 In the Box
  • Touch Screen
  • 93 Octane Performance Tune: 28HP 24TQ
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune: 22HP 20TQ
  • Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Ratio
  • Calibrate Speedo for Tire Size
  • Cooling Fan Control
  • Disable ESP
  • Throttle Booster
  • Fuel Rich/Lean Adjustment
  • Spark Timing Advance/Retard
  • Idle RPM
  • Top Speed Limiter
  • Rev Limiter
  • Shift Points
  • Shift Firmness
  • Torque Management Adjustment
  • Disable Active Fuel Management

Additional Information

Manufacturer DiabloSport
Part Number PKIT-DURV815-I
Condition New with Manufacturer Warranty